Earn money with your own Website

With your own Website you can earn a good amount of money if your traffic is high enough. If you want to earn money with you Website then is the most important thing to have a lot of steady users. If you got an idea how to get a high traffic there are a lot of possibilities how to make money of it.


Some alternatives are:

You can advertise an Online-Shop on your Website. If a user from your page goes on to the shop and buys something you earn some commission.
Benefits of Affiliate-Marketing:

  • High income opportunity
  • A big amount of Affiliate-Partners
  • Needs some time but it’s one of the best possibilities to earn money on the web


Pay per Click
This is a very simple alternative. You get payed for every click on the advertisement of your partner.
Benefits of Pay per Click

  • Easy to establish
  • Possible for all types of websites
  • No minimum requirements
  • No maintenance
  • Higher traffic higher earnings