Easy ways to make money online

  1. Start a YouTube channel

We all know that YouTube is one of the most used online video streaming website. Therefore, YouTube is a perfect place for making money online. First, start making videos such as tutorials and video blogging, and then partner with YouTube. After that, advertisements will begin runnig on your videos and you will be paid for ad clicks, and also for video views. The more views your video gets, the more money you will make.


  1. Sell online game accounts

If you love to play online games, and you've ever wondered how to make money by gaming, here is a proposal for your side business . All you have to do is: play games and level your characters quickly, and then sell your account online.

  1. Sell things on amazon or eBay

We all have a lot of things that we don't actually need. We can throw them out, but also we can sell them.  It sounds like great way to clear some mess and also make some money. The best thing is, you don't need to sit at your computer all the time. Just list the items you want to sell, and then go.

  1. Freelancing

If you love to write, then freelancing is a business for you, because basically, freelancing means writing for others. This is great alternative for students, because they can work whenever, wherever and whatever they like, and everytime you write and article, you get paid according to the rates.

  1. Make money with Adsense

Also a good way to make money online if you have blog, site or a YouTube chanel, , then you should consider Adhense. It is an advertising, paid-to-click program, that means when someone clicks your advertisement, you get paid.