How to make money online if you are a photographer?

If you already enjoy photography, and in doing so you are firmly convinced that you are good at it then why not make some money out of your hobby? The only thing you will need is a good camera, a computer and a fast Internet connection to help you upload your photos. You do not have to be a professional photographer, nor is it necessary to buy the most expensive equipment to get started with online selling photos.


If you are serious about stock photography it is almost inevitable that it can become a solid source of income to you, or even the way of earning for a living. What is important to mention is that you don't expect to get rich overnight, because it probably will not happen.

The largest and most famous stock sites are definitely iStock and Shutterstock, then Fotolia, 123RF, Dreamstime, Photodune, Depositphotos and Bigstock. Even if people generally are recommending the first two sites, we would not agree with them. Only participation at those sites requires examination which is not easy. On these sites exam consists of questions and to pass them you need to support your knowledge and experience with high-quality photos. Picture quality that they receive is harder to achieve. If you are a beginner, or this is a hobby that you would like to convert into an additional income, we suggest you try yourself at the following sites:


Agencies, with great care and very rigorous treatment, check each inbox picture to the last detail. You do not need to be scared with large percentage of rejected photos, especially in the beginning, until you realize how it all goes. Dreamstime accepts the most photographs. Perhaps this is why sales are not as frequent, but prices are adjusted to the format of the photos.

There is usually a minimum amount that is required to request a money from the stock agency. The minimum amount for Dreamstime is $ 100, and you'll need an account on Skrill service.


Fotolia pays their stock photographers based on the rank and photos' exclusivity (exclusivity is greater if you do not sell images to other agency sites). Commission income or fee can range from 20% to 63% for downloading a single image. Fotolia has a subscription system and if user downloads your photo via the subscription, you will get 33% of commission from selling that photography. You  collect your earned money via PayPal or Moneybookers service when you earn at least 50 points. Withdrawal is free of charge.