The new increase of the gold price

The gold price continued its growth during thi summer, and the experts point out that the reason for this increase is the publication of the record of the meeting of the leadership of the US Federal Reserve. Since the record did not contain any "surprises", the financial sector concluded that raising interest rates will not be implemented before the fall. 


Therefore, gold has increased its value and daily prices ranged between 1173.70 and 1190.30 dollars per ounce.

The conclusion of the meeting of the leadership of the US Federal Reserve reveals how the economic growth of the United States increases, but it’s not specified any concrete information about the period of raising interest rates. 

Additional incentive to  the precious metals markets has been given with the situation in Europe, where it recorded lower stock indices, because of the fear of the market that is focused on the Greek crisis and the inability of the government to set an agreement with creditors about the options that would enable Greece to avoid bankruptcy and keep status of a member of EU.