The purchase and the gold price

Gold price tends to increase when the economy is in crisis or when  there are worries about inflation and the economic and monetary collapse, but when the economy progresses, the price of gold, silver and other raw materials is decreasing. The gold price is being monitored with special attention in the global market. Next to their brand values, gold is also a currency. Gold price can be as high as the customer is willing to pay for gold. Through the history, gold was used as money and also was a relative standard for currency value of certain economic regions or countries.


Before you bring your gold jewelry or other objects made of gold or in the office for the gold purchase, you should know what you are selling. For example, if you sell your car, you should know something about your car: how many kilometers it is driven, year of production, power, etc .... Similarly, if you sell your property in the form of gold jewelry, you should know their value in karat, that is fineness of your gold jewelry, whether it is 14 karat or 18 karat gold, and also you should know the weight of your gold items. When you purchase gold it does not matter whether the object is damaged because it is not sold as jewelry. It is only important to determine the proportion of pure gold in your gold jewelry, in order to determine its surrender value.

If you can not evaluate your gold items of gold we will help you do it. If you take a magnifying glass, but it is also visible to the naked eye, you can see fineness mark on the case of gold that signifies the purity of gold. Carefully review your items and you will see that mark. If you can not see the the mark, then review clips of bracelets, necklaces or chains. Some gold coins also have signs of purity of gold.

On  your gold items will be visible this numbers: 585, 750, 333, etc. If the mark is 585 or 583 then it is a 14-karat gold. If the mark is 750 then it is a 18-karat gold, and mark 333 indicates that it is a 8-carat gold.